Ventilation Systems

Wind Driven Roof Ventilator

The concept of is to creator a regular flow of stale/ contaminated air from inside the working area towards atmosphere. Regular supply of fresh air is essential for the workers on the shop floor as it removes the giddiness. Supply of neat and fresh air regenerates the energy level of workers and perfect for the lungs.

The flow of air also provides a natural draft of air thus providing cooling effect in the environment.

This results in increase in the energy level of workers hugely improving their efficiency.

Main Advantages

Low power consumption.
Operational cost is NIL.
Benefits in income tax.
Improved Efficiency of workers

Wall Louvers

Wall Louvers are designed and applied in custom lengths ready for quick installation :

1. The Special Design Allows Free Flow of air, restricting entry of water & dust
2. The Louvers are made using Zincalume & Colour Coated Galvanized Steel.
3. Available in Various Colors to Give look to the building
4. Light weight, Ready to install
5. Long Life
6. Maintenance Free