Puf Spray & Pouring

The concept of green building effect is floated for the conservation of energy. It is essentially provided on the roof top of RCC building where PUF sandwich panel cannot be applied . To maintain ideal temperature inside the working area where the running of machines and process of machining generate heat and are to be maintained at ambient temperature and relative humidity. PUF is sprayed at the roof top (Overdeck Insulation). Since it is not UV (ultraviolet) resistant, the top is to be covered with a layer of waterproofing PU / non PU based compound followed by tiling/ soling. If not tampered with & maintained properly it has life of almost 10 years. It puts less load on Air conditioning Plant thus reducing the power consumption which is need of the hour. The Injection/Pouring of PUF into the empty jacket with compressed air into Tanks, Vessels, Reactors,Truck Vessels and wall cavities finds application in Process house of chemical & pharmaceutical units where the temperature of material stored/ processed is to be maintained at a temperature ranging from -35.to+10.c The refrigerated trucks used to carry perishable stuff & liquid find similar application due to preservation of quality of food/chemicals over a longer period/distance.

PUF can also be Injected/ Poured in existing brick walls at site offices/exteriors.