Puf- Slabs, Pipe Section,Support

Puf Slabs

Globe International’s PUF slabs are the most economical thermal insulation rigid Polyurethane Foam Materials for various applications in building and all types of industries. 'K' values of these materials are the lowest of all the Thermal Insulating materials. PUF slabs also available with craft paper or aluminium foil lamination. We are manufacturer of PUF slabs. Widely used on the ceiling to absorb sound.

PUF Pipe Sections

PUF Pipe sections are manufactured and available in standard sizes having excellent thermal insulation properties which make a valuable contribution towards reducing energy consumption in various industries. PUF cored Insulated pipe sections are manufactured to consistently yield: A) Environment friendly CFC-free Polyurethane Foam of desired and uniform density B) Close cell content of over 90% C) Excellent dimensional and thermal insulation properties together with compressive strength this added dimension makes it a ideal construction


PUF Pipe Supports

PUF Pipe Supports PUF is one of the major components of pre-insulated pipe supports.Polyurethane is different from most plastic materials in that it can be tailored to meet various load requirements of varying applications. Insulated pipe supports are designed to prevent direct heat transfer between pipes and their supports. Thus, they reduce heat loss due to conduction at each support. They serve the following purposes: 1. Carry the load and allow necessary movement at each suppose point. 2. Provide insulation in the support area where the regular pipe insulation cannot be installed. 3. Minimize the cost of field installation by reducing installation time.


Key Features:

1-Lightweight 2-Excellent insulation properties 3-Exceptional buoyancy factor 4-Easily transportable and rapidly deployable 6-Compatibility with various resin systems to give structurally stable advanced structural composites 7-Versatile enough to be used very efficiently, to save lives and bring succor to the disrupted homeless when natural calamities strike.


Underdeck Insulation

We understand good insulation includes ground insulation (against the soil or against the open car park decks), the walls including the windows (double or triple glassed windows with thermal insulated frames) and the entrances (double door system) and finally the roof insulation. It has its usability due to its waterproof application and vapour permeability, extremely high strength, excellent durability and chemical resistance.

While offering underdeck insulation services,these insulation services are specially rendered for the working areas where temperature is bound to cross the unbearable limits for humans. Our team of experts holds expertise in offering underdeck insulation and ducting insulation thus making the workplace a pleasant place to work. The materials used for the process of underdeck insulation can be conventional like:

Phenotherm board,Thermocole,PUF or Glasswool / Rockwool. Or Modern materials like: Polymer sandwiched aluminium foils,Expanded Polyethylene ( EPE ) etc.