Tongue & Groove

The application of tongue & groove panel is very similar to ribbed panel. The significant difference being that instead of male & female camlock, the interlocking at the joints is through tongue & groove arrangement. All other advantages of heat transfer of working area vis-a-vis outside environment are same and leakage through the joints is negligible.

Mineral Wool Panels

Mineral Wool is a high quality resin bonded slab used as insulation core for sandwich panel system. It has Excellent Thermal & Acoustic properties & Safe from Fire, High Compressive Strength, Water repellent, Recyclable.

EPS Panels (Expanded & Extruded Polyestyrene)

Application of EPS (Expanded Panel) popularly termed as thermocole sandwiched between two outer skins of metal is also used at site offices, cabins and other external sites. It is predominantly to reduce the cost as compared to PUF sandwich panels.


Outer Sheet Plain/Ribbed or Light Profile made of Colour Coated Steel (0.5-0.6mm)/ Aluminum.
Inner Sheet Plain/Ribbed Made Of Colour Coated Steel (0.5-0.6mm)/ Aluminum.
Insulation EPS/Fire retardant EPS/Puf.
Width 1020 mm.
Thickness 50-150 mm.
Weight 9-13 Kg m2.

Specification are subject to change