Cee-Zed perlins


1.Saving in steel up to 40%
2.Saving in construction cost up to 30%
3.Light Weight reduces handling and transportation cost.
4.Saving in construction time
5.Close tolerances on sectional dimensions due to process of cold roll forming.
6.Economy due to reduction in dead weight on the main frame structure.
7.Ability to span long lengths.
8.Fast to erect and easy handling.
9.Assured dimensions and straightness.
10.No site drilling/cutting required.


There are three systems of connections based on design of purlin and its connections :

Flashing, Trims, Rain Water Accessories

Anchor Bolts, Structural Fasteners,Self Drilling Screws, Stich Fasteners

Standard Panel Colours

*Colour shown here are standard, which are generally available. Other colours can be provided on order.

Colours may very from the shade shown, please refer to Coloured Steel Sample